Left – Roger Keel; Right – Bo Ryles

Bo Ryles and Roger Keel established the Clover Glove Race Series in 2010. The purpose of the series is to generate funds that will support 4-H members and provide races that bring together runners interested in enjoying the camaraderie of fellow runners. The series grew out of the Keel and Ryles Holiday Races and many conversations around the finish line after other races.

The Points: CGRS (Clover Glove Race Series) calculation will be as follows: for each additional 5K distance, the points will increase by 10. 1st place for a 1K-5K will earn 10 points, 2nd earns 9 points, etc. Those finishing 10th place and below all earn 1 point. 1st place for a 10K will earn 20 points, 2nd place 19 points, etc. Those finishing 20th place and below all earn 1 point. 1st place for a 15K will earn 30 points, 2nd place 29 points, etc. Those finishing 30th place and below will all earn 1 point. Understanding that the marathon system is based on miles and not kilometers, a half marathon will earn 40 points for first, and a marathon will earn 80 points for first. There are no points added for odd distances between the 5K intervals for races. For example, a 10.4K earns 20 points, just like a 10K. If an in person race has a virtual option, those participants will be placed at the end of their respective age groups in points (after the ones who ran in person at the event).

2024 Awards Based on Points

  • 144 Points ­ Left-hand glove
  • 288 Points ­ Right-hand glove
  • 444 points ­ Cap
  • 888 Points ­ TBD

First person to 144 points will receive a $14.44 gift card.
First person to 288 points will receive a $28.88 gift card.
First person to 444 points will receive a $44.44 gift card.
First person to 888 points will receive a $88.88 gift card.

2024 Award Based on Races

  • 44 Races -­ Jacket with name on it for 44 or more races. Stars added on Jacket for every 10 races you run over 40. A Clover is added (instead of stars) when a runner runs 88, 132, 176, etc. Example 98 races get a clover and a star.

2024 Year-End Awards will be given for the following categories (male & female)**

  • Overall ­ award plus Red Gloves
  • Youth­ Under 19 years of age
  • Betweens ­ Age 20-­39
  • Masters ­ Age 40-­49
  • Grand Masters Age 50-59
  • Senior Grand Masters Age 60-­69
  • Septuagenarians Age 70 and ­over

**These awards are given based on your age when you run your first race. Minimum of 10 races to be eligible.

Top 104 total point earners on the back of the year-end shirt.

Scholarships are presented to Georgia 4-H’ers in honor of the overall winners. The number of scholarships and other 4-H support is based on the funds available.

In addition to the races coordinated by the Clover Glove team, several races are hosted by other groups included in the series. We are partners with the Black Bag Race Series. All races hosted by the Clover Glove team accrue Clover Glove and Black Bag points. To add a race to the Clover Glove series, please see the application to host.

A fundamental philosophy we have as we facilitate and coordinate these races is “keep it simple, keep it fun — don’t take this too seriously.”

Updated 12/10/23